Format Table: Freeze Fields

When you Freeze a Field, you lock that Column into place. The rest of the Datasheet can scroll to the left or right, but the Field that you Freeze will remain fixed.


7. Try This: Freeze a Field in a Table

Select the Movie Column in tblMovies.

Go to Home ->Records->More->Freeze Fields.


What Do You See? Use the horizontal Scroll Bar at the bottom of the Table to scroll to the Stars in the far right Column. The Movie Column should remain fixed on the left side of the screen.


Where Have You Seen This Before? You can Resize, Hide and Freeze Columns in Microsoft Excel as well.


OK, Save, Save, Save.


Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

2. Building Tables

2.2. Create and Modify Fields: Freeze or Unfreeze Fields

Home ->Records->More->Freeze Fields