Position: Anchoring

Anchoring locks a Cell into a place, with respect to the Table or Form. In this example, the Row of Cells is be positioned in the Top Left of the Table, regardless of how the MovieRentedSubform is opened or resized.


3. Try it: Edit the Anchoring

The ReceiptSubForm is open in Design View.

Row 1 is still selected.

Go to Form Design Tools->Arrange.

Go to Position->Anchoring.

Select an option: Top Left.


What Do You See? The other options are:

Stretch Across Top

Top Right

Stretch Down

Stretch Down and Across

Stretch Down and Right

Bottom Left

Stretch Across Bottom

Bottom Right

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.3. Apply Form Arrange options: Anchoring

Form Design Tools->Arrange->Position->Anchoring