The Receipt Printout

The Receipt Printout will be very small: only 2 inches wide. For this example, we will begin with a Blank Report and format the Page Layout before we add the Fields.


1. Try it: Create a Blank Report

Go to Create ->Reports->Blank Report.


What Do You See? A new, blank Report should open in Layout View.


Do This, Now: View the Properties

Go to Report Layout Tools->Tools.

Click on Property Sheet.


And Do This: Select a Record Source

Go to Properties->All.

Select a Record Source: rptReceiptSQ.


OK, Save the Report

Go to File->Save.

Enter the name: rptReceipt-POS.


Keep going..

Create ->Reports->Blank Report

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

5. Designing Reports

5.1. Create reports: Create a Blank Report