Do More in Design View

The goal is to resize and edit the Table so that it will fit a narrow printout. The next steps are easier to do in Design View.


Before You Begin: Change the View

Go to Report Layout Tools ->Design->Views.

Select a View: Design View.


4. Try it: Merge Several Fields

There are several blank Cells to the left of the Movie Field. The blank Cells are in the ReceiptID and DateRented Columns. Our goal is to merge those Cells together.


Select those blank Cells as well as the Movies Field by holding the Control key on your Keyboard.
Go to  Report Design Tools ->Arrange.

Go to Merge/Split->Merge.


What Do You See? The Movies Field should fill the merged Cell.


Keep going, please.

Report Design Tools ->Arrange->Merge/Split->Merge

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

5. Designing Reports

5.3. Apply Report Arrange options: Merge