Visualize the Data:

Create a PivotChart

A Crosstab Query can be packed with information, but many people find it helpful to see that data in a Chart. The following pages show how to create a PivotChart.


Everything in Access starts with the data. PivotCharts do, too. This lesson will use the Movie table as the Record Source.


The PivotChart will be a Form that is added to a Report. It really works well!


1. Try it: Create a PivotChart

Go to All Access Objects->Tables.

Open a Table: tblMovies.

Go to Create ->Forms->More Forms.

Click on PivotChart.


Keep going...

Create ->Forms->More Forms->PivotChart

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

5. Designing Reports

5.2. Apply Report Design options: Create a Graph