Use the PivotChart

You can use the Rating Drop Down Box to filter the PivotChart. This functionality is available when the Report is in Layout View.


Before You Begin: Change the View

Go to Report Design Tools->Views->View.

Select a View: Layout View.


What Do You See? The PivotChart is displayed at the top of this Report.


5. Try This: Change the PivotChart.

Click on the Rating Category at the bottom.
Select (check) an additional Rating: NR
Click OK.

So, What Do You See? There should be five Columns in the Pivot Chart now.


Memo to Self: The PivotCharts filters are not available when the Report is in Print Preview. The Control is visible but it is like clicking on a drawing-nothing happens. 

Report Design Tools->Views->View->Layout View

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

5. Designing Reports

5.2. Apply Report Design options: Use a Drop Down Box on a Report