Create a Crosstab Query:


A Crosstab Query creates a Table that compares the data. In this example, we can use the Crosstab Query to count how many movies we have in each Rating.


2. Try it: Create a Query

Go to Create ->Queries ->Query Wizard.

You will be prompted to select which Query Wizard you would like to launch.


There are four Query Wizards:

Simple Query Wizard

Crosstab Query Wizard

Find Duplicates Query Wizard

Find Unmatched Query Wizard


Select a Wizard: Crosstab Query Wizard.

Click OK. The Query Wizard should start.

Create ->Queries ->Query Wizard->Crosstab Query Wizard

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

4. Creating and Managing Queries

4.1. Construct queries: Create a Crosstab Query