Copy to a New Table

The Update Query, ArchiveMovieUQ, will also work as another type of Action Query: a Make Table Query. The Make Table Query selects the Records that match the Criteria and copies those Records into a new Table.


4. Try it: Create a Make Table Query

Go to Query Tools ->Design->Query Type.

Select a Query Type: Make Table.


What Do You See? You will be prompted to name the new Table.

Enter the Table Name: tblArchiveMovies.

Click OK to Run the Make Table Query.


Do This, Now: Save the Make Table Query

Go to File->Save Object As.

Enter the name: ArchiveMovieMT,

where MT means this is a Make Table Query.


Keep going...


Memo to Self: By default, this new Table will be made in the Current Database.

Query Tools ->Design->Query Type-> Make Table

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

4. Creating and Managing Queries

4.1. Construct queries: Create an Action Query Make Table