Import Data into Access:

Review the New Information

Look before you leap. Many companies send spreadsheets with updated product information. Before you import any data in Microsoft Access, you should review it.


1. Try it: Review the New Data

Start Microsoft Excel 2010.

Go to File->Open.

Browse for the file: tblMoviesNEW.xlsx.

Please open the spreadsheet.


What Do You See? There are 10 new movies in this spreadsheet. The first Row is the Header Row. It includes the following Fields: Movie, Year, Rating, Genre and Stars.


What Should You Be Looking For? These Field names MATCH the ones in the Access Table, tblMovies.


Close the spreadsheet.

The next step is in Access.

Microsoft Excel->Home

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

2. Building Tables

2.5. Import data from a single data file: Append Data into an Existing Table