Use a Table to Add Data

A Combo Box can look up up data from a Table or a Query. This example will look up movie ratings (G, PG, R) from a Rating Table. First, let's create the Rating Table.


1. Try it: Create a Rating Table

Go to Create ->Tables->Table Design.


A new, blank Table will open in Design View. The Table Tools should be available.


Try This, Too: Add the Fields

Field Name: RatingID

Data Type: AutoNumber

Go to Table Tools->Table->Primary Key.


Field Name: Rating

Data Type: Text


Do This, Now: Save the Table

Go to File->Save.

Enter the name: tblRating.


Keep going..

Create ->Tables->Table Design

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

2. Building Tables

2.1.1. Create tables in Design View