Review the Subform Links

The previous pages looked at the Form and Subform Properties. We also reviewed the Properties for the Combo Box.


Even if both Forms are designed correctly, nothing will happen if the Form and Subform are not linked. There has to be a relationship between the Master and Child.


3. Try it: Review the Master and Child

The MovieSearch Form is open in Design View. The Property Sheet is available.


Select the Subform. There should be a yellow border around the Subform.


Go to Property Sheet: All.


Link Master Field: Rating.

Link Child Field: Rating.


Match, Match, Match. The Combo Box stores (Saves) the Rating as Text.

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.2. Apply Form Design options: Add a Bound Control (Link Form and Subform)

Form Design Tools->Design->Tools->Property Sheet