Review the Field List

This movie search Form uses tblMovieSearch. What Fields are available in that Table?


2. Try This: Review the Field List

Go to Form Design Tools->Design->Tools.

Click on Add Existing Fields.


What Do You See? The Field List should open on the right side of the database. This list shows all of the Fields in the Record Source: tblMovieSearch.


Yes, there is a Field for Genre. Keep going...


Memo to Self: Tables and Forms cannot be opened in Design View at the same time: they are mutually exclusive. If you want to see the MovieSearch Form design, close the MovieSearch Table. If you want to review the Table, close the Form.

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.2. Apply Form Design options: Add Existing Fields

Form Design Tools->Design->Tools->Add Existing Fields