Add More Stars

9. Try it: Add A Button for the Customers

Go to Form Design Tools ->Design->Controls.

Select a Control: Button.

Click on the Form Detail.


Select a Category: Form Operation

Select an Action: Open Form

Select the Form: Customers

Choose the Records: All Records

Enter the Text: Customers

Name the Button: OpenCustomersFrm


Try This, Too: Add A Button for a Report

Select a Category: Report Operation
Select an Action: Preview Report
Select the Form: Movies by Year
Enter the Text: Movies by Year
Name the Button: OpenReportMoviesByYear

Edit the following Properties for each button:

Width: 2"

Height: 0.4

Apply a Quick Style.

You can place the buttons similar to layout in the screenshot on this page if you wish.

Form Design Tools ->Format->Control Formatting->Quick Styles

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.4. Apply Form Format options: Apply Quick Styles to Controls in a Form