Review the Event Procedure

When the process is done, the Embedded Macros on this Form will be converted to Event Procedures.


2. Try it: Find the Event Procedure

The Customer Form is open in Design View.

The "GoHome" Button is selected.


Go to Property Sheet->Event->On Click.


What Do You See? There is an Event Procedure that will run whenever a User clicks on this Button.


Try This, Too: Review the Event Procedure

Click on Event Procedure.

Click on the Three-dot Builder.


The Visual Basic for Applications Windows should open. Curious? Keep going...


Memo to Self: The Conversion from Macro to VBA is for this Form, only.

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.2. Apply Form Design options: Convert Macros to Visual Basic

Form Design Tools ->Design->Tools->Convert Form's Macros to Visual Basic