Switchboard: Add a Textbox

2. Try it: Add a Textbox

Go to Form Design Tools ->Design->Controls.

Select a Control: Textbox.

Click on the Form Detail.


What Do You See? There should be a new, unbound Textbox on the Form.


Try This, Too: Edit the Textbox Properties

Select the Textbox.

Go to Form Design Tools ->Design.

Go to Tools->Property Sheet.


Edit the Textbox Properties:

Name: Today

Control Source: =Now()

Format: Long Date

Width: 3"


Edit the Label Properties:

Select the Label.

Edit the Caption: Today is


Keep going...

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

3. Building Forms

3.2. Apply Form Design options: Add a Textbox

Form Design Tools ->Design->Controls->Textbox