Add an Unbound Control

The Count works, but it would be easier to understand this Report if there was a Label that said what that number meant. A Label, like the Calculated Control, is Unbound: it does not look up the data in a Table or Query.


Before you Begin: Move the Control

Select the Control in the Genre Footer.

Move the Control to make room for the Label.


8. Try it: Add a Label to the Group Footer
Go to Report Design Tools ->Design->Controls.

Choose a Control: Label.

Go to the Genre Footer.

Click and Draw a Label.


Try This, Too: Edit the Label Properties

Name: GenreTotalLabel

Caption: Count of Movies by Genre.

Width: 2'

Height: 0.2188 (that is default for this type size).

Top: 0"

Left: 0.125


Keep going...

Exam 77-885: Microsoft Access 2010

5. Designing Reports

5.2. Apply Report Design options: Add Bound and Unbound Controls

The new Label has an exclamation point. This alert says that the Label is not Associated with a Control. You can bind it to the AccessTotalGenre.

Report Design Tools ->Design->Controls->Label