Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

3. Presenting Data Visually

3.2. Apply data analysis: Data Tools What-If Analysis

Data -> Data Tools->What-If Analysis-> Scenario Manager

Data Tools: What If Scenarios

Goal Seek changes one value. It is a useful tool for playing with the numbers. Suppose you wanted to look up the best and worst cases for your sales projections. You could type in a robust initial sales number and a vigorous daily increment for the best case. Then, you could type in more conservative estimates for the worst case.

Microsoft Excel has a way to save that information: What-If Scenarios.

1. Try it: Open the Scenario Manager
Select Cell E25.

Go to Data ->Data Tools->What-If Analysis.

Select Scenario Manager.


What Do You See? When the Scenario Manager opens it will probably be blank: No Scenarios defined.


Try This, Too: Add a Scenario

Click on Add. Keep going,,,