Design Layout: Subtotals

By default, a PivotTable displays the Subtotals at the top of a Group. You can change the Layout with the PivotTable Design Ribbon. Here are the steps:

Before You Begin: Select the PivotTable. The PivotTable Tools should be available.

Try it: Change The Subtotal Layout

Go to PivotTable Tools ->Design.

Go to Layout-> Subtotals.

Select: Show all Subtotals at Bottom of Group.


What Do You See: The Subtotal options include the following:

Do Not Show Subtotals

Show all Subtotals at Bottom of Group

Show all Subtotals at Top of Group

Include Filtered Items in Totals

PivotTable Tools ->Design-> Layout-> Subtotals

Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

3. Presenting Data Visually

3.3. Apply and manipulate PivotTables: Design Layout Subtotals