The Right Tool for the Task

The Data Tools are: Sort, Filter, Group and Subtotal. A PivotTable combines all of the best Data Tools together. A PivotTable presents the data in a visual, interactive format. PivotTables summarize, sort, compare and filter the data. For some reason, most people teach PivotTables as an advanced topic. In this lesson, "advanced" doesn't mean difficult: just more steps. The Computer Mama sez formulas can be difficult. This is actually fun. Try it.


Start Microsoft Excel

What Do You See? Is there a Title Bar that says Microsoft Excel? Yes.

Is there a Home Ribbon with the Clipboard, Font, Alignment and Number Groups? Yes.

If your screen looks similar to the example on this page, then you are ready to get started.

Start -> All Programs ->Microsoft Office-> Microsoft Office Excel 2010