PivotTable Style Options

The PivotTable Style Options offer quick formatting choices. Here are the steps.

2. Try it: Edit the PivotTable Style Options

Select the PivotTable.

Go to PivotTable Tools ->Design.

Go to PivotTable Style Options.

Select: Banded Rows.


What Do You See? In the example on this page, the Rows have been formatted with a bottom border.


OK, that about does the discussion on PivotTable Design Ribbon.


Memo to Self: If you select Banded Columns, the Columns will be outlined with vertical borders as well.

Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

3. Presenting Data Visually

3.3. Apply and manipulate PivotTables: PivotTable Style Options

PivotTable Tools ->Design-> PivotTable Style Options->Style