PivotTable Fields

5. What Else Do You See? There are three parts to a spreadsheet: Labels, Data, and Formulas. In this example the labels includes Category, Service, Product, Date, Sales Rep and Amount. These labels will become the fields in the PivotTable.


PivotTables use fields to organize and calculate the rows and columns. These fields come from the labels in the first row (the header) in the spreadsheet.


Look for the PivotTable Field List on the right side of your screen. How do the fields compare to your labels?


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What If You Don't See It? The Field List can be turned on or off with the PivotTable Tools. If you don't see the Field List:

Go to PivotTable Tools ->Options.

Go to Show-> Field List.

PivotTable Tools ->Options-> Show-> Field List


Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

3. Presenting Data Visually

3.3. Apply and manipulate PivotTables: Show the Field List