Format the Rows

2. Look Again: Review the Options

When you insert a new Row, Excel may prompt you with a small Format Painter. It looks like a little yellow paint brush.


When you click on the option arrow you will see:

Format Same As Above

Format Same As Below

Clear Formatting


Format Same As Above means that the cells in the new Row will inherit the formatting of the cells above them. For example, Cell B3 will be formatted for Currency. Cell C3 will be formatted for Percentage.


3. Try This: Add Sample Data

Enter the following data in Row 3:

In Cell A3 type: Gift Card

In Cell B3 type: 10

In Cell C3 type: 150

Microsoft Excel will add the number formatting.

Home -> Cells-> Insert ->Sheet Rows

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

3. Formatting Cells and Worksheets

3.1. Apply and modify cell formats: Format Painter