Think Harder

Suppose we wanted to find out which employee salaries are greater than and which are less than the AVERAGE. If the salary is greater than the average, let’s have Excel say, “Above.” If the salary is less than the average, Excel should return with, “Below.”

This is a conditional equation. In Excel, we would use the IF function.

1. Try it: Using the Logical Function

Select Cell E1.

Type in the label: Compare

Go to Formulas ->Function Library.

Go to Logical.

Select IF, the Logical function, from the list of options.


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Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

5. Applying Formulas and Functions

5.4. Apply conditional logic in a formula (<,>,=): IF

Formulas->Function Library->Logical ->IF
What is a Logical Function? A Logical function asks a question, then determines if your data matches. The answers are usually binary: True or False, Yes or No. The IF function uses a test to compare your data.