Add More Data

What are the hourly wages? Well, there are 50 weeks in a year (after you take away the holidays) and 40 hours in a work week. So, hourly wages can be calculated by dividing the Salary by (50*40)

2. Try it: Add More Data

In Cell C1 type: Hourly Wage

This is a label: Format C1 BOLD.


In Cell C2 enter the formula:



Select Cell C2 and AutoFill that formula in Cells C3:C4.


Select Column C and Format the Cells for Accounting. (This is money, isn't it?)

Proof Your Work: Select Cell C4.
The formula should be:


Keep going...

Home -> Cells ->Format

Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

3. Presenting Data Visually

3.1. Apply advanced chart features