Picture Corrections

Say you wanted to add a picture of your products, perhaps a picture of your office. Some pictures look dark when they are printed. You can use the Picture Tools to make Adjustments and Corrections.


Before You Begin: You can add another picture if you wish. The screenshot on this page shows business35.gif.


1. Try This: Make Picture Corrections

Select the picture, first.
Go to Picture Tools->Format.
Go to

2. What Do You See? You can Sharpen and Soften the edges in a picture. The Brightness and Contrast adjust the Brightness (the amount of light) and the Contrast (the difference between absolute white and absolute black.)


Each little square shows a different percentage of Sharpness or Brightness and Contrast.

Picture Tools->Format->Adjust->Corrections

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

6. Presenting Data Visually

6.2. Apply and manipulate illustrations: Format Picture Adjustments