Troubleshoot the Formulas

What Do You See? The #Value! means that there is an error. Please audit the spreadsheet. Double click on Cell D9.  Excel highlights the cells in this formula:   =D8+B5


How Did That Happen? Part of the formula is still correct. It equals yesterday’s sales—the Cell above me—and adds to it.

Most formulas automatically use Relative References. A Relative Reference adjusts the the cell references when you copy or fill it down.


In our example,  =D8+B5 becomes =D9+B6 in the next Row down.

In Cell D9, the formula adds a number to a label. Hence, the error #Value!


Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

5. Applying Formulas and Functions

5.3. Apply cell references in formulas: Troubleshoot a formula