Time Functions

How many hours or minutes are there between the Start Time and the End Time? Here are the steps to figure it out.

1. Before You Begin: Enter the Data

Select Cell J1 and type: Start Time.

Select Cell K1 and type: End Time.

Select Cell L1 and type: Duration.

Format Cells J1, K1 and L1 BOLD.


Select Columns J and K.

Go to Home->Numbers.

Select the Time format.

Select Cell J2 and type: 8:30 AM

Select Cell K2 and type: 5:00 PM

2. Copy the Data

Copy and Paste Cell J2 to J58

Copy and Paste Cell K2 to K58
(all of the Rows in this example)

What Do You See?

The Cells in Column J have: 8:30:00 AM.

The Cells in Column K have: 5:00:00 PM

OK, keep going...


Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

2. Applying Formulas and Functions

2.4. Apply functions in formulas: TIME Functions