Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

5. Applying Formulas and Functions

5.6. Apply cell ranges in formulas: Use the Name Manager to Edit a Name

Formulas ->Defined Names->Name Manager ->New

Edit a Name

Say you wanted to add or modify one of your Names. You can use the Name Manager to edit the name and the range. You can also add a comment to document your changes if you wish.


3. Try This: Create or Edit a Name

Go to Formulas->Defined Names->Name Manager. Click on New.
The New Name window will open.

Enter a Name: Product

Enter the Scope: Workbook

Click on Lookup (the red, white and blue button)



Go to the Original Data spreadsheet.

Select Cells B1 through B58.

Click on Lookup to return New Name window. Click on OK to return to the Name Manager.

This process added another Defined Name to the Name Manager.