Send Using E-mail

The easiest way to share your spreadsheet is to Send Using E-mail. Here are the steps.


This This: Send Using E-mail

Go to File ->Save and Send.

Click on Send Using E-mail.


What Do You See? The options include:


Send as Attachment adds this file to the email as an attachment.


Create Link is useful if this spreadsheet is shared online in a folder everyone can access, say a SharePoint Portal.


Send as PDF converts your spreadsheet into an Adobe Acrobat format.

Send as XPS converts your spreadsheet into the new Microsoft version of a PDF.


Send as Internet Fax creates a Fax using an Internet Fax service.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

7. Sharing worksheet data with other users

7.1. Share spreadsheets by using Backstage: Send Using E-Mail

File ->Save and Send-> Send Using E-mail