Hot Key Pathway
ALT+HVP Home->Clipboard->Paste
ALT+HX Home->Clipboard->Cut
ALT+HC Home->Clipboard->Copy
ALT+HP Home->Clipboard->Format Painter
ALT+HII Home→Insert→Insert Cells
ALT+HIR Home→Insert→Insert Sheet Rows
ALT+HIC Home→Insert→Insert Sheet Columns
ALT+HIS Home→Insert→Insert Sheet
ALT+HDD Home→Cells→Delete->Delete Cells
ALT+HDR Home→Cells→Delete->Delete Rows
ALT+HDC Home→Cells→Delete->Delete Columns
ALT+HDS Home→Cells→Delete->Delete Sheet
ALT+HEA Home→Editing→Clear->Clear All
ALT+HEF Home→Editing→Clear->Clear Formats
ALT+FS File→Save
ALT+FA File→Save As
ALT+FO File→Open
ALT+FC File→Close
ALT+FN File→New
ALT+FD File→Save and Send

Appendix: Hot Keys

Hot Keys and Short Cut Keys are quick, efficient ways of using the keyboard to complete a task. Hot Keys are a new set of options that are available in Office 2010.


Short Cut Keys are Legacy Commands from the old days.


Hot Keys begin by typing ALT

The Home Ribbon uses H.

The File Menu uses F.


Short Cut Keys begin by typing CTRL

These commands go back to when computers did not always have a mouse!

So, how did they select the Cells without a mouse? Here are the steps.


Try It: Select Cells with a Keyboard

Go to top-left Cell of the range.

Press F8 on the keyboard.

Go to bottom-left Cell of the range.

Press ESC.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

3. Formatting Cells and Worksheets

3.1. Apply and modify cell formats: Hot Keys

Short Cut Pathway
CTRL+O File->Open
CTRL+S File->Save
CTRL+W File->Close
CTRL+D File->Properties
CTRL+P File→Print
CTRL+Q File→Exit
CTRL+X Edit→Cut
CTRL+C Edit→Copy
CTRL+P Edit→Paste
CTRL+Z Edit→Undo!
Keyboard Function
CTRL+A Select All
CTRL+HOME Select First Cell
CTRL+End Select Last Cell
CTRL+Down Arrow Go to Last Cell in the Column
CTRL+Up Arrow Go to First Cell in the Column
CTRL+Right Arrow Go to Last Cell in the Row
CTRL+Left Arrow Go to First Cell in the Row