Set the Appointment Options

You can use the Appointment Options to document your whereabouts and even remind you when it is time to go.


5. Try it: Set the Appointment Options

Go to Appointment ->Options->Show As.

Click on Out of Office.

What Do You See? The choices are:

Free (White)

Tentative (Blue Pattern)

Busy (Blue)

Out of Office (Purple)


The options and colors are displayed when this Calendar is shared on a network, such as an Exchange Server. They are also visible when the Calendar is published online.


Try This, Too: Set the Reminder

Select: 5 minutes.

Click Save & Close to save your appointment and return to the Outlook calendar.
Keep going...

Appointment ->Options->Show As->Out of Office

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

5. Managing Calendar Objects

5.1. Create and manipulate appointments and events: Set Appointment Options