Assigning Tasks

Microsoft Outlook has several robust tools for collaborating. We will create four new Tasks that are steps in a bigger project. The Tasks will be tagged with a Category as well as dates for follow up. The dates in these lessons happen to be the first of March. Each Task begins one week (7 days) after the previous Task.


These Tasks will be assigned and tracked.

This example works best if you have a partner who also uses Microsoft Outlook so that you can send and receive the assignments.


1. Try it: Add a New Task

Go to Home ->New->New Task.

Enter the Subject: Website 1: New Designs

Enter the Start date: Thu 3/1/2012

Enter the Due date: Thu 3/8/2012

Check the Reminder: Mon 3/5/2012

Go to Task->Tags-> Category.

Select a Category: Charlotte's Website

Go to Task->Actions->Save & Close.


That was one. We need some more...

Home ->New->New Task

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

6. Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries

6.1. Create and manipulate tasks: Create a Task