Assign a Task

A big project may have many, many process steps. If you work with a good team, you can Assign a Task to the best one(s) who can complete the assignment.


4. Try it: Assign a Task

Open a Task: Website 1: New Designs.
Go to
Tasks ->Manage Tasks.

Click on Assign a Task.


What Do You See? The E-Mail field is available. You can assign a Task to a person or a Contact Group if you wish.


Try This ,Too: Send the Task Request

Enter a E-Mail from your Contact.

Click Send. The Task Request will be sent to the Contact. Keep going...




Memo to Self: The Task List keeps an updated copy of the Task in your Task List and sends a status report automatically when the Task is marked complete.

Tasks ->Manage Tasks->Assign a Task

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

6. Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries

6.1. Create and manipulate tasks: Assign a Task

Assign a Task: The Sender's Task List