Update an Assigned Task

Say your colleague worked hard on the Task. Here are the options she can take to update the status and document the progress.


6. Try it: Update an Assigned Task

Open a Task: Website 1: New Designs.
Go to Tasks ->Manage Tasks.
Edit the Status: In Progress.

Edit the % Complete: 50%

Edit the message with sample text and a picture if you wish.

Try This, Too: Send a Status Report.

Go to Tasks ->Manage Tasks.

Click on: Send Status Report.

The Status Report will be E-mailed to the one who assigned this Task.

Keep going, please. There's more...

Tasks ->Manage Tasks->Send Status Report

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

6. Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries

6.1. Create and manipulate tasks: Update an Assigned Task

Update a Task: The Recipient's Inbox