Use the Journal to Record

You can automatically track your Outlook activity (messages, tasks, etc.) with the Journal. You can also use the Journal to track the time that you work on a document or spreadsheet.


The Journal can be found by using the Navigation Pane, as we did with the Calendar, Tasks and Notes.


1. Try it: Find the Journal

Go to the Navigation Pane.

Select the Journal.


What Do You See? The screenshot on this page shows a Journal with several entries for Excel and Word.


What Else Do You See? The Journal's Home Ribbon include: New, Delete, Arrangement, Current View, Actions, Tags and Find. These options are similar to the ones for the Calendar.


Keep going...

View ->Layout->Navigation Pane->Normal

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

6. Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries

6.3. Create and manipulate Journal entries