Edit the Personal Stationery

You can design your E-mail messages so that each new message uses a Theme. The Personal Stationery can be found on the tab next to the Signatures.


8. Try it: Edit the Personal Stationery

The Outlook Options are still open and the Mail Category is selected.
Go to Compose Messages.

Click on Personal Stationery.


What Do You See? You can select a Theme that would be applied to all new HTML messages. You can also edit the Font (type, size, color) for new E-mails as well as messages you Forward or Reply.


What Else Do You See? You can Mark your Comments with your name. You can also pick a new color when you Reply or Forward a message.


Click on Theme, please.

File ->Options ->Mail ->Compose Messages ->Personal Stationery

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.4. Manage automatic message content: Edit the Personal Stationery