Personal Stationery: Font

Say you selected a Theme. By default, Outlook will use the Theme Font for new HTML E-mail messages. There are a few more options you can consider.


Try This, Too: Review the Font Options

Signatures and Stationery window is open. The Personal Stationery is selected.

Go to Font.

Select: Use theme's font.

What Do You See? You can use the Theme Fonts or Fonts you selected for Reply and Forward. You can also decide to Always use your fonts.


Sooo what would a new E-mail look like?

Click OK to return to the Outlook Options.

Click OK to return to the Inbox.

File ->Options ->Mail ->Compose Messages ->Personal Stationery->Font

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.4. Manage automatic message content: Set a default Font for all HTML messages