Calendar Options

2. Try it: Review the Calendar Options

Go to the Calendar Options.


What Do You See? There are options for reminders, meetings, and holidays.


As we saw earlier, attendees can propose a new meeting time. You can choose a default response when proposing a new meeting time (Tentative, Accept or Decline) if you wish.


When you click Add Holidays, you will be prompted to choose which ones you want to add by selecting a country from the list.


You can also edit the Free/Busy Options. By default, Microsoft Outlook publishes 2 months of Free/Busy time to the Server. The Free/Busy information is updated every 15 minutes. 


Keep going, please.

File ->Options ->Calendar-> Calendar Options

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

1. Managing the Outlook Environment

1.1. Apply and manipulate Outlook program options: Set Calendar Options