Print Appointment Details

The preceding print layouts were visual: the Calendar is represented as days and weeks. For people who work well with lists, the Calendar Details Style can be useful.


8. Try it: Print Appointment Details

The Calendar is selected. 
Go to
File ->Print->Settings.

Select a Setting: Calendar Details Style.


What Do You See? The Calendar Details will be shown in the Preview on the right side.


The meetings and tasks are grouped by date. The Calendar Details includes the Subject, Start Date and Due Date, Status, Percent Complete, Total and Actual Work as well as the Owner and the Category.


If you click Print, Outlook will print the appointment details. Done and Done.

File ->Print->Settings-> Calendar Details Style

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

5. Managing Calendar Objects

5.1. Create and manipulate appointments and events: Print Appointment Details