Working with Rich Text

If you addressed this message to yourself, it should arrive in the Inbox. Say you received an E-mail with rich text formatting and you wanted to copy that information into another E-mail.


You can use Paste Special to copy and paste text without formatting if you wish.


6. Try it: Copy and Paste the Text

Go to the Inbox and select the Rich Text E-mail.

Go to Home->Respond->Reply.

The Message Ribbon should be available.


Copy the text: Charlotte's Website

Go to Message->Clipboard->Paste Special.


What Do You See? The Paste Special options include Rich Formatted Text (RFT), Picture, HTML (Web) and Unformatted Unicode.


Select: Unformatted Text.

Click OK.

The text will be pasted without formatting.


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Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

2. Creating and Formatting Item Content

2.4. Format item content: Use Paste Special