Custom Voting Buttons

Computer legend sez that Voting Buttons were invented so that the dozen or so folks who worked at Microsoft could decide on lunch. Way cool use of technology. Here are the steps to create your own options.


5. Try It: Create Custom Voting Buttons

Go to Home-> New-> New E-Mail.
Enter your E-mail Address as well as one or two partners, if possible.
Enter the Subject: Vote for Lunch

Try This, Too: Set the Tracking Option
Go to Options ->Tracking->Custom.
Click on: Use Voting Buttons.
Type: Tomato Bros;Sushi Zen;Big Boys


Click Close to return to the message.

Click Send to E-mail the message.


Keep going...


Memo to Self: Look at the punctuation between the list items. It is a semi colon ;

Options ->Tracking->Use Voting Buttons->Custom

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

2. Creating and Formatting Item Content

2.1. Create and send email messages: Configure Voting Options