Delay Delivery Options

You can set the date and time that you want an E-mail to be sent. It is one of the Message Options and it works rather well. The message will wait in the Outbox until it is time to go.


2. Try This: Set the Delivery Options
How did we get here? The E-mail is open.

Go to Options ->More Options.
Click on:
Delay Delivery.

Try This, Too: Edit the Message Properties

There is a section for Delivery Options.

Click on Do not deliver before:

Enter today's date at 5:00 PM


Click Close to return to the E-mail.

Click Send to E-mail this message.


Setting a Tomb Stone: You can also program your E-mail to Expire (go to data heaven in the Deleted Items Folder) after a certain date and time. 

Options ->More Options->Delay Delivery

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

2. Creating and Formatting Item Content

2.1. Create and send email messages: Configure Delivery Options