Message Options: Settings

The Message Options are summarized in the Properties. The Message Properties includes all of the groups on the Options Ribbon:


Voting and Tracking

Delivery Options


Try it: View the Message Properties

Go to Home-> New-> New E-Mail.
Enter your E-mail Address.
Enter the Subject: Even More Options
You can add a picture or sample text if you wish.

Try This, Too: Set More Options
Go to
Options ->More Options->More.

(More is the arrow in the bottom right corner.)

There is a section for Settings.

Edit the Sensitivity: Private


Click Close to return to the E-mail.
Click Send to E-mail this message.


An E-mail message with the subject Even More Options should arrive in your Inbox. It should be marked Private.

Options ->More Options->More

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

1. Managing the Outlook Environment

1.2. Manipulate item tags: View Message Properties