Save an Attachment

E-mail transfers millions of business files everyday. You should know how to Save the attachments to your drive.


Before You Begin: Select the Attachment

Go to the sample Table Talk E-mail.

Click on the attachment in the message.

The Attachment Tools should be available.


4. Try This: Save the Attachment

Go to Attachment Tools->Attachments.

Click on Save As.

Browse to your Documents Folder.

Click Save. You will return to the Inbox.


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Memo to Self: Most of the Attachment Tools are available when you right-click an attachment as well.


Something to Remember: Save All Attachments can save a lot of time!

Attachment Tools->Attachments->Save As

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.1. Clean up the mailbox: Save Message Attachments