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Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.3. Manage junk mail: Filter Junk Mail

Manage Junk E-Mail

The Safe and Blocked Sender lists are saved in the Junk E-mail Options. You can edit the level of Junk E-mail protection you want, too.

5. Try It: Review the Junk Mail Options
Go to
Home ->Junk->Junk E-mail Options.


What Do You See? The E-mail filter may be set Low-only the most obvious junk is sent to the Junk E-mail folder.


What Else Do You See? By default, you will be warned about suspicious domain names. The links and functions for suspicious E-mail are automatically disabled as well.


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Memo to Self: You can also Permanently delete Junk E-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder.