Add Members from Contacts

Whether you choose Outlook Contacts or Address Book, the same window will open. The Address Book shows the Name, Display Name and the E-mail address for your Contacts. You can use the Search options to find someone.

3. Try it: Add a Member from the Contacts

Review the Names in the Address Book. In this example the sample Contact, Glen Glick, is one of the names on the list.


Select a Contact: Glen Glick

Click on Members.


Select another Contact: Elizabeth

Click on Members.


Both of these names should be listed in the Members field at the bottom of this form.

Click OK to close the Address Book and return to the Contact Group. Keep going...

Contact Group ->Members-> Add Members->From Outlook Contacts

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

4. Managing Contacts

4.2. Create and manipulate contact groups: Show Contact Group Notes