Hello, People

Contacts are People. Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a People Pane that shows what your Contact has been doing. The People Pane tracks messages, appointments, tasks and activities for everyone in your Contacts folder.


Before You Begin: Select a Message

Go to the Inbox.

Go to View->Reading Pane->Right.


Select any sample E-mail that you addressed to yourself, please.


1. Try it: View the People Pane

Go to View ->People Pane->Normal.


What Do You See? The People Pane has several filters on the left side. The Home view shows all of the activities. The little E-mail filters the list and shows only messages.

Keep going...

View ->People Pane->Normal

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

1. Managing the Outlook Environment

1.3. Arrange the Content Pane: Use the People Pane