Convert Text to Table

This is about as far as you can go with Tabs. Tabs are not an effective method for creating rows and columns. It is very difficult to add another column of data to a tabbed list. A Table offers a better way to organize information.


Try This: Convert the Text to a Table

Select all of the tabbed text.

Go to Insert ->Table.

Select: Convert Text to Table.


You will be prompted to confirm how many columns there are in this table.


Memo to Self: This sample list has 3 columns. If you see more than 3 columns, then some of your rows have more than one tab stop between the items. You can use the Show/Hide function to see each Tab Stop as an arrow and proof your work.


Insert ->Table ->Convert Text to Table

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

2. Formatting Content

2-5. Create tables: Convert Text to Table