Table Tools -> Layout ->Select Row

Move a Row

There are a two steps required to move a row. First, you need to select the row. Then, you can drag and drop the row to a new position in the table.


1. Try This: Select a Row

Place your cursor in Row 2. The Table Tools should be available.

Go to Table Tools->Layout.

Go to Select Row.


2. Try This, Too: Move a Row

Run your cursor just outside the left side of Row 2. You should see a white arrow. Click and hold your left mouse button. Now you should be able to drag the row to a new place in the table.


Memo to Self: This is not an easy mouse task. You may need to try this a couple of times.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

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2-6. Manipulate tables in a document: Move a Row