Sort the Table

Information in a Microsoft Word table can be Sorted. Here are the options.


Before You Begin: Select the first row in this table and format the text Bold. This indicates that the first row is a header Row: it should stay at the top when the rows are sorted.


Select the last row (with the sum).

Go to Table Tools->Layout.

Go to Rows and Columns->Delete.


Try This: Sort the Table

Select the entire table.

Go to Table Tools ->Layout->Data.

Click on Sort.


What Do You See? You can choose which field you want to Sort By. In this example, the table will be sorted by Product.


Look at the bottom of the Window: Does it say, My list has a Header Row? The Header Row is the first row of your table.


Table Tools -> Layout -> Data-> Sort

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

2. Formatting Content

2-6. Manipulate tables in a document: Sort